You love bourbon. Or you want to.

You want to pick your next drink or bottle with better insight based on taste.

Experience more from your bourbon with a bourbon tasting. The aroma, the warm feeling of the Kentucky hug, the taste…they’re unforgettable, once you’ve experienced them.

You’ll get to know not only the varieties of bourbons and what they have to offer, you’ll come to understand why they taste the way they do, and a story or two about what’s going on behind the bourbon.

You may even get to taste a rare or allocated bourbon (or two).

Join me in exploring YOUR best bourbon…or bourbons! One taste at a time.

Next up is 8 Great Tastes for $88 (Guided Bourbon Tasting Fundraiser) for Sisters of the Poor, November 2, 2021 in Jefferson City, MO.

You can reserve your place for our tasting by texting Kevin Perry at 573 680-5069.

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My next event is a fundraiser for the Sisters of the Poor.

Join me on November 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm for a guided bourbon experience called 8 Great Tastes for $88.

This guided exploration and experience of the flavors, history, and craft of 8 new, hard-to-find, and/or insanely priced American whiskies.

Doors open at 5:30 with appetizers. At 6:00 pm we’ll start hearing and tasting what it’s all about.

It all happens at BarVino, downtown Jefferson City, MO (Apache Flats.

Questions? Call me at 573 680-5069 or send an email: kevinlperry+bourbon@gmail.com

Tickets are $88 per person. But we recommend you round up to $100 for a good cause. All proceeds go to the Sisters of the Poor.

Our sponsors for this great event are:

The line-up for the evening:

  1. Square 6 (https://www.gobourbon.com/square-6-evan-williams-bourbon-experience-first-artisinal-whiskey/)
  2. W.L. Weller 12 Year (Old Label) (https://www.continentalws.com/spirits/Buffalo-Trace-WL-Weller-12-year-Bourbon-Old-Label-2012-w1066181jh)
  3. Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon (https://www.breakingbourbon.com/review/hancocks-presidents-reserve-single-barrel-bourbon)
  4. Dickel Single Barrel 15 Year (https://www.georgedickel.com/whisky/single-barrel-15yr)
  5. Evan Williams 12 Year 101 Proof (Red)(https://whiskeyconsensus.com/evan-williams-12-year-bourbon-review/)
  6. Old Overholt 11 Year Rye (https://www.breakingbourbon.com/review/old-overholt-11-year-rye-2020)
  7. Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 (https://www.barrellbourbon.com/batch26)
  8. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Old Label) (https://www.whiskeyinmyweddingring.com/flights-and-tastings/elijah-craig-barrel-proof-old-label)

Only 15 seats are available. Reserve your seat now by texting Kevin Perry with the names and cell phone numbers of everyone in your party. 573 680-5069

This is going to be a great night with a small group of whiskey lovers. Don’t miss it. Reply today.


Kevin Perry is a Certified Executive Bourbon Steward and a Level 1 Whisky Sommelier.

The certification from the Stave & Thief Society is the only certification recognized by the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®.

But that means nothing without experience at the distilleries with the distillers, brand ambassadors, and spirit guides who make the story and history of bourbon real using all of your senses.

The world of craft distilling is exploding. So he can’t say he’s been to every Kentucky distillery. But he’s getting there.

Come along for the adventure. Find out what makes bourbon the unique, unparalleled beverage that people all over the world have come to love.

Join Kevin at his next guided tasting on Saturday, February 29, 5:30pm at Marine Corps League Samuel F. Gearhart Detachment, 4925 Bus 50 W, Jefferson City, MO. Cost is $50. Seating is limited. Get your tickets here. All proceeds go to the Sisters of the Poor Foundation.

This is a great opportunity to taste 10 American whiskies in a guided format that tells the story of bourbon and helps you sort through the flavor profiles you like the best. The evening begins with a fabulous bourbon-based cocktail and appetizers.


Kevin Perry
Certified Executive Bourbon Steward, Level 1 Whisky Sommelier

mobile:  573 680-5069